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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Succulent decor seems to be a very popular thing these days. And why not? They are adorable, they multiply like crazy, and they are so hard to kill! We all want beautiful plants that fill our homes inside and out but lets be honest most of us end up killing them eventually. Which is why succulents are the perfect plant. They are a classic addition to any home & garden decor.

When we moved into our home there was a small patch of succulents in our fount yard. Which was pretty amazing since the house had been vacant for 4 year before we moved in. We live in Idaho and the weather here isn't exactly consistent. We have 106 degree summer days with no rain for 3 months. Then we have winters with super cold days that will get into the single digits at times along with a foot of snow. These conditions are pretty extreme for a plant to live through. However, that little patch of succulents made it through.

Once we moved in I transplanted them and have taken good care of them and then they began to flourish! They have begun to multiply like crazy and this year they are a bit out of control. In the spring they began to multiply so I pulled off all the little baby and transplanted them. Now just a few months later they are way over grown again. It was definitely time to do something with them.

I decided it would be fun to pull off a bunch of the little baby succulents and gift them to people throughout the summer. I came up with a cute little craft that was quick, easy, and use things that I had laying around the house.

Here's what you will need:

Succulents - You can use some you have on hand or grab some from Amazon or Etsy. I started looking for some new varieties to add to mine and it seemed to me that Etsy had a much better selection that was reasonably priced. I also found a really good selection at Home Depot.

Jute, String, or Ribbon - Just use whatever you have on hand.

Potting container - I used paper dixie cups because they were the perfect size and I already had them in the cupboard. You can use any plastic or paper cup you'd like. If you want to get fancy you can use these cute mini terra-cotta pots.

Burlap and Scissors - I just used a scrap of burlap I had on hand. You could also use fabric.

Potting Soil - You want something that is going to drain well. I mixed some up myself that seems to work well for me. However, they also have mixes you can buy that are specifically made from succulents and cacti.

Step ONE: Fill your pots with soil.

Step TWO: Take off any discolored leaves from the bottom of the succulent. Make sure not to disturb any of the new root system. Then stick the succulent into the soil and give it a small drink of water. Just enough to barely wet the soil!

Step THREE: Wrap the pot in burlap and secure with some jute.

Step FOUR: Gift to friends and family!

These only took me about 40 mins to make and that was with taking pictures and video. It is such a simple and frugal gift idea that will definitely impress!

Check out the VIDEO here to see the full process!

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