Baby Drool Bibs With FREE Pattern

Updated: Apr 11

Ever since I found out I was having a girl I've seen these thick posh baby bibs all over Pinterest and I fell in love with them! When I followed the picture to the site selling them I was shocked at the price tag. They were $25-30 each! Ouch! I completely understand why sellers have to price them this way because they are typically handmade, however, I could not bring myself to pay that much. So I decided to make a pattern and use some scraps left over from other projects. You may notice some of these prints from the baby quilt I just finished.

Disclaimer: The links in this blog are things that I have purchased with my own money and recommend to you. *****As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*****


Fabric of your choice - You don't need very much since they are so small so you could probably get away with using some scraps from another project like I did. I choose to use different fabrics for the front and back so that it made the bibs reversible.

Batting or interfacing - I choose to use batting to make them a bit more thick. (I also had some left over from another project)

Rope, twine, string or ribbon for the ties - I got mine at Hobby Lobby, You could totally just use whatever you have on hand for this as well. If you have some macrame cord hanging around that would work too. I taped the ends of mine so that it wouldn't fray.

Pom Pom Trim, or Lace - HERE is the Pom Pom trim I used. I was so impressed with the price and quality of THIS stuff from Amazon. Plus it come in lots of different colors! I still have lots left over so I'm excited to use it for many more projects!

FREE PATTERN - I have made a PDF version of each size and I also made an SVG file which is what I used. It was so easy to just load my Cricut with some paper or cardstock and size the file for the size I wanted to make.

Here are the sizes I used on my Cricut for the pattern

Newborn-3 Months - 8x10 inches

3-6 Months - 9x10.75 inches

6-12 Months - 10x11.75 inches

You can also size up or down to make any size you want with the SVG files for bigger or smaller kidos!

I love that this project is so versatile and you can really clean out your craft closet with pretty much all the supplies you need for it.

Tools You'll Need

Sewing Machine

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter

Fabric Scissors


Check out the VIDEO HERE to see the process in more detail

First you will need to download and cut out your pattern!

You can print and cut the PDF version or cut out the SVG version with your cutting machine.

If you are using the PDF version just note that you will need to either fold your fabric or cut two patterns out and tape them together to make the full size for the 3-6 month and 6-12 month versions.

Next, pin your pattern to your fabric and cut it out. You will need two fabric pieces and one batting/interfacing piece.

You will then want to iron all three pieces, pin everything together, and prep for sewing.

You will want to have the batting/interfacing as the first layer. Then stack the two fabric pieces on top of it right sides together.

Then, add your ties in-between the two pieces of fabric and pin everything together

Next you will sew around the top portion of the bib. You can see in the picture above where I drew where to start and stop. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO I made here to see this process in more detail. Make sure to go back and forth a few times over the ties so they stay secure.

Once you have sewn the three pieces together turn everything right side out. You can pull on the strings to help with this.

Once it is turned out iron the bib flat and cut off excess batting/interfacing, iron the bottom of the bib in so that you are ready to sew.

I cut off about a half an inch of the batting from the bottom.

Then pin and add the trim to the bottom. Once everything is secure you can stitch around the entire bib. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO to see this process in more detail.

And you're finished! A super posh baby bib using the scraps from your craft closet.

Check out the VIDEO BELOW to see the full process!

Disclaimer: The links in this blog are things that I have purchased with my own money and recommend to you. *****As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*****

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