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Summer is practically here and I was searching for the perfect swimsuit. I have always struggled with swimsuit shopping because I'm pretty picky. I want comfort, modesty, and I also want it to be cute. I've always hated driving around to several stores to try on dozens of suits and after a long day of shopping coming home empty handed. Then, having to wear last summers bleached out swimsuit that was in fact from 3 summers ago. You know how they get over time. 

Luckily there are a lot of online brands that are starting to put out modest suits and they are soooo cute. I've been pinning several suits online for months and have seen such cutes ones. Most of them were also offered on Amazon which is a win-win because I have a Prime Membership and so items arrive in just a few short days. I decided to check out Amazon's selection and I had a few specific things I was looking for. Here is my list of criteria. 

1.Must be under $30 (Who wants to spend fortune. No matter how expensive it is next summer it will be bleached out and losing it's shape. So you might as well get a deal) 

2. Must be a PRIME item with FREE RETURNS (Just in case I need to send it back, I don't want to loose money on shipping) 

3. Must be COMFORTABLE (I need to be able to move around, jump into water, and wakeboard without worrying about loosing half of it.)

4. Must be MODEST (I want it to cover the important things. I don't want to be uncomfortable showing off too much skin. However, It still need to be cute!)

With these 4 things in mind I was determined to find 10 swimsuits from Amazon to try.  And oh boy was it easy!!! I found dozens of suits that fit the above criteria. I picked through the ones with the best reviews and had them at my door in just a few days. I took my own photos of all of them in good lighting and did not edit the coloring or brightness. Below I compare them with the pictures from the Amazon listing so you can see if they really matched the pictures. I'll go through each suit and highlight the things I liked and didn't like. I have also made a Youtube video where I go over each swimsuit so if you want to check that out click HERE or scroll to the bottom. 

I defiantly save my favorites for last so make sure to read to the end!

Please note that at the pricing and prime status of these suits may change. I'm sharing what they were at the time I purchased them in March of 2018. I will also have affiliate links to all the suits below as well. This does not cost you more for the product but if you use my link to make a purchase it will help me to continue creating fun content like this! :)

Disclaimer: The links below this blog are things that I have purchased with my own money and recommend to you. *****As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*****

Swimsuit #1

Brand - Cupshe

Price - $23.99

Check it out HERE

The first thing you may notice about this swimsuit is that the coloring is off in the pictures. In the Amazon listing it looks more like an army green color but when I got it it was silver. I still loved the color but it does not match the picture. When I went back to the listing later I noticed that the one of the photos in the listing does show off the silver color. However, this was not consistent so how do you really know what color it is if all the pictures are different? Obviously the description says it's silver but usually I trust the color based on the pictures so I think that they should be very careful when editing pictures to make sure to show the true color of the item. I'm mean I'm not a professional photographer and I was able to catch the color of the suit pretty easily without even editing it. However, maybe to others the pictures do look silver. Maybe it's just my eye. What do you think? 

It's still a super cute suit regardless of the color so I went ahead an tried it on. I really liked the material. It did not seem like a super cheap fabric. It was pretty thick and had a liner so quality wise I thought it was great. I LOVED the ruffles on the bottom because it provided extra coverage in the back so it wasn't as cheeky as most suits these days. The V in the front did go down very low and didn't really hold things in place as well as I would have liked. I kind of felt like if your moving around a lot you could easily have something slip out. So for me this was a no mainly because I need to be able to move in this suit.  However, if it was just a "lay on a pool chair and get tan" kind of suit I would give it a huge thumbs up!

Swimsuit #2

Brand - Cupshe

Price - $26.99

Check it out HERE!

I really don't have anything bad to say about this suit. I was very flattering, the colors matched, and it look just like the picture on Amazon. I loved the ruffle in the middle and the see-through detailing it had. It was comfortable and fit great. I really LOVED the tropical print and for being a white swimsuit it was not see through at all. I did not get it wet but the material was thick enough that I don't think it would be a problem. It was a bit on the cheeky side for me but other than that I have no complaints. 

Swimsuit #3

Brand - Lookbook

Price - $27.99

Check it out HERE!

This suit is one I have seen everywhere. It has 4 stars on Amazon with over 2,000 reviews so I was pretty excited to try it. It was the most expensive one that I bought but very high quality. When I first got it I noticed two things, it was huge, and the color did not match the photo on Amazon. Still cute, but not the same. I measured myself when choosing a size and purchased the size they recommended. I read in the listing description later and it listed the size of swimsuit the model was wearing and also the size she normal is. She was wearing two sizes smaller than her normal size. So if you interested in this suit defiantly size down.

Pros -Super cute, very good quality, comes in lots of different colors. Also, it has two different strap options. The ones in the picture and also one that goes around the neck and hooks in the front. Very supportive in the bust. This is probably a good suit for those a bit more blessed in that area. 

Cons - Sizing in my opinion is off. I would need to order a much smaller suit. Or maybe order a few different sizes and see which one fits best and send the rest back. That is the really nice thing about free returns. 

Swimsuits #4 & #5

Brand - Cupshe

Price - $23.99 & $26.99

Check them out HERE & HERE.

Both of these suits were very similar which is why I'm reviewing them together. I loved the black ruffle top and would be willing to keep it just for that top. I loved the ruffles and the laced back. It fit very well. However, I did not care for the other top and I really did not like the bottoms of either suit. It's not that there was anything wrong with the product. They were made well and good quality and I thought they looked just like the picture. I just didn't like where the bottoms hit me. I think the high waisted look is just not for me. So I did send both of these back. 

Swimsuit #6

Brand - Mansy

Price - $12.99

Check it out HERE!

This is another suit I've seen on Pinterest a lot. It was the cheapest one that I tried and although I did not like the last two high waited suits this one was different. I really didn't mind the bottoms they hit me in a good spot and I thought the color was super cute. The top however, I was pretty disappointed with. It does not look like the picture in my opinion. It does not lay flat and is pretty poor quality. However, for a $13 swimsuit it really wasn't bad and although it does not match the left photo (Which is the one on Pinterest and the cover of the Amazon listing) It does match the photo on the right which was one of the other listing photos. Not too bad if your looking for a cheap suit. But it probably won't last more than a summer or maybe two if you only wear a few times.  

Swimsuit #7

Brand - Cupshe

Price - $21.99

Check it out HERE!

I LOVED the pattern and front of this suit! The stripes were very flattering and it fit great! Not too cheeky and seriously the stripes I just can't get over them! The back does cut pretty low and I felt like it accentuated my...for a lack of better handles. I'm in pretty good shape but I just have a bit of a love handle and the back of this suit hit me right below that and I felt like it made them stand out more. So for me I felt uncomfortable in the suit. Not that I'm ashamed of my body but I just feel like a swimsuit should accentuate the things were the most confident with instead of things like love handles... which most people have. 

Swimsuit #8

Brand - Holipick

Price - $24.99

Check it out HERE!

Hands down this is one of the best tankinis I've tried. Very comfortable, great quality, and it covers everything you need covered when your being active. The high neck is great for activities and I like that it's a two piece so you can easily use the restroom. This is literally the perfect suit for when your going to be in it all day. Plus it was very flattering with a open back and cute navy bottoms.

The last 2 are my favorite ones and I decided to keep both of them!

Swimsuit #9


Price - $20.99

Check it out HERE!

I loved this one! It does not look like the main photo which is the one on the left. The trim is different and it's very cheeky on the model. However, the photo on the right is a match for sure. I loved everything about this suit. It fit great and I love the lace up back. It was not super cheeky on me even though it looks like it might be. The neck doesn't cut too low and I would be very comfortable in the swimsuit all day if I needed to be. Plus only $20 dollars!

Swimsuit #10

Brand - Dansfeng

Price - $9.90

Check it out HERE!

This suit was my #1 favorite out of all of them! The coloring is slightly off from the photos but you can tell they have a filter on the photos. This did not matter as it was still the same suit and the pattern and shape of the suit matched. You can see that there is a lot of fabric for the tush which I loved! I think thats why it's my favorite. It covered everything I wanted and was not cheeky at all. I also love the higher neck and the lace up back. And at the time of purchase it was $9.90! I have noticed that it jumped up to $18.99 since then but I would definitely still get it even though the price has changed. It is great quality and well worth every penny.  

Final thoughts?

After it was all said and done. I choose to keep the last two suits and send the rest back. And even though I kept two suits I was still under the $30 budget I had originally made for a new swimsuit. I just lucked out and was able to get two! Even thought they all had pros and cons they were all pretty good quality and there were no huge surprises with my order. They all came quickly and in good condition so I would highly recommend ordering swimsuits from Amazon to anyone. 

Also, You can't judge a swimsuit by the pictures or how it look on the model. Originally thought I would have to sent back the Navy Floral suit. From the pictures of it on the model it looks very cheeky but I loved the print so I ordered anyway to try. When I got it and tried it on it was just fine and I loved the suit and ended up keeping it. You really just have to order a bunch of cute ones that have good reviews. Then try them on and send back the ones that don't work. 

Will I do this again? 

Heck yes! This is the best way to shop for swimsuits in my opinion. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and it really does save you time and money. Let me know if you like this post by leaving a comment. I would love to hear your feedback! Have an amazing summer and I hope you find the perfect suit.

Check out the video HERE to get more details about each suit!

Disclaimer: The links in this blog are things that I have purchased with my own money and recommend to you. *****As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*****

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