A good lesson on Faith

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

I learned a pretty good lesson on faith today.

I love to garden and last fall I decided to plant some garlic. I had read up on it and had some advice from my dad so I figured how hard can it be, right?

I got 2 bulbs and separated all the individual pieces then pushed them an inch into the soil. You are then just supposed to wait 1 full year! So that's what I did. I was pretty skeptical about all this.

They began to sprout a bit before the first frost but I just let them be. Then in the spring they sprouted again and grow some pretty stocks kind of like an onion. I dug one up to see what it looked like and it was the same small bulb so I kind of figured I blew it. However, I just left them in the ground to see if anything happened. Midway through the summer the stocks died off and disappeared. There was no sign above the ground that the garlic was even there. At this point I really thought that it was over and that they had rotted away. I forgot about them until one day my dad asked me about it. I told him I was sure they had just rotted and he asked if I had checked. He said to dig them up and see.

He was right! I dug them up and now I have tons of beautiful BIG fresh garlic bulbs. They are going to make my tomato soup, salsa, and other creations so flavorful this fall and throughout the winter.

The moral of the story is that sometimes we really just have to have faith and be patient that things are going to work out. We can't always see the progress along the way. I write this as I hold my sweet angel rainbow baby. Who I prayed for and waited for, for so long. There were many times when I thought it would never happen but I had faith that things would work out and they sure did.

Whatever it is that you're waiting for or working toward have faith that things will work out and find joy in the journey along the way.

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