40 weeks and counting!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Well we did it! This baby girl and I made it to 40 weeks and I'm feeling so grateful and blessed that we made it this far and are both healthy. It will only be a short time now before we welcome her into the world. I wanted to post a picture today and just talk a bit about how I'm feeling as I await her arrival.

One of the number one questions I have been getting asked the last couple of week is how I'm feeling. This is a hard question to answer for me because part of me is so over peeing every 5 minutes and tight clothing. I'm also so over not sleeping well. However, really I feel great! I feel blessed that this baby girl is growing properly and has what she's needs. I feel happy and excited to welcome her and my relationship with my husband is better than ever as we prepare to welcome this sweet girl.

With that said, I'm just patiently (really, I am trying to be patient, haha) waiting for our baby girl to arrive. I've washed everything in the house, organized every nook and cranny, and in the process thrown away most of my husbands stuff and half of mine. I have studied and researched and prepared in every way I can think of and I know that it won't be easy but I'm excited for this new challenge and new stage of life.

I'm so grateful to be entering motherhood and I can't wait to see what all it brings!

Until next time (which will be my birth story!) we will be anxiously awaiting this little girl!

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