Frequently asked questions

How to I care for Heat Transfer Vinyl Products?

It is easy to care for your Heat Transfer Vinyl products! Pillow covers and tea towels can be washed like normal. Just make sure to avoid detergents or stain removers with bleach in them. Since most of our products are 100% cotton they will shrink a bit in the dryer so it's recommmended to hang dry products. Once they have dried completely you can iron any wrinkles out. The designs on our products are heat sensitive so it's best to iron to opposite side of the design. Or you can place another towels or light peice of fabric on the design portion of the tea towel.

Are the mugs dishwasher/microwave safe?

Yes! You can put the mugs in both the dishwasher and microwave without conpromising the design on the mug.

What is your processing/shipping time?

All orders will be shipped within 2-7 business days and will ship the method choosen at checkout.

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